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Britannia Squab Removals increase the number of demountable chassis’ and bodies in their fleet of Abel Systems equipment.


As a member of the Britannia co-operative, Britannia Squab Removals have been going through a period of growth that will be the envy of many competitors within their chosen market sector.  This increase in demand has been facilitated by the use of Abel Systems demountable equipment and the use of various body specifications which when used in conjunction with chassis’ that have been designed for use with demountable drawbar trailers provides a flexibility of operation that is second to none.

The latest demountable bodies manufactured by Abel Systems have been designed to incorporate all that could be asked of a removals body with side access doors the full length of one side and various types of internal load restraint to ensure that the customers treasured possessions are secured in the most appropriate manner, thus ensuring their safe and damage free arrival at the end of their journey.  These bespoke build bodies also incorporate the ability to accept preloaded packing crates through the side which are a snug fit within the body, thereby maximising the available storage space.  The demountable body has one more trick up its sleeve, in so much as it is actually a mobile warehouse that does not just give the operator the flexibility to deposit a body at the loading point for a crew to fill whilst the truck is elsewhere, but it reduces the need for transhipping if the collection and delivery dates do not quite coincide.

In the case of Britannia Squab Removals the choice of chassis was critical to their flexibility of operation as was the selection of ancillary equipment fitted.  Working with two equal body lengths on the truck and drawbar trailer of 7450mm, the chassis is able to accommodate a fixed position supplementary body immediately behind the cab for the storage of specialist packing materials, tools and loading aids, so the vehicle is truly self-contained and as a result the crew are capable of dealing with every eventuality.  In addition the chassis is equipped with stainless steel storage lockers on both sides for loading ramps and a 1500kg capacity tail lift which works in conjunction with a deep underslung towing hitch.

The drawbar trailer used to carry the demountable bodies is of a centre axle design and like the prime mover is fully air suspended for ease of body removal and to give the lowest possible floor height should the bodies require loading by the packing crew in difficult conditions.

To the question ‘Why do Britannia Squab Removals use Abel Systems’ the answer from Emlyn Evans, a business partner with Britannia Squab Removals the answer is simple ‘We use Abel because they provide the equipment that we want.’

As part of the Britannia co-operative the ‘Squab’ brand is not the only member to use demountable equipment manufactured by Abel Systems or its parent Wheelbase Engineering Ltd, proving the principles are widely accepted within the removals industry.



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