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Wren Kitchens Ltd drawbar.
Wren demountable bodies awaiting dispatch.
Wren Dispach area.
Wren drawbar combination.
Wren drawbar and solo chassis'.
The Wren has long been a favourite with the British people and now it seems that a company with the same name is also becoming the manufacturer of choice for many which has necessitated a significant increase in the size of their distribution fleet to cope with demand. That company is Wren Kitchens Ltd.

As an established Abel Systems Ltd customer with a long history of demountable equipment use, we are pleased to say that when it came to adding additional compatible equipment into the existing fleet, Wren Kitchens Ltd once again came to us as their preferred supplier. On this occasion the order consisted of equipment to suit 21 new drawbar prime movers with tuck under tail lifts complete with 14 drawbar trailers and 54 demountable box van bodies, all manufactured to Wren’s unique specification which has been developed over a number of years to work with various chassis marques including Renault, Volvo and DAF.

Kitchen and bedroom furniture manufacturers have long realised the benefits to be gained from the use of demountable body systems, particularly at the point of dispatch where by the nature of the product the time required to load and pack goods for safe damage free transportation can be considerable and as a result would cause considerable unde­ruti­lisa­tion of equivalent vehicles fitted with fixed bodies.

The use of demountable drawbar trailers also increases vehicle productivity, particularly on routes with long stem mileages and into urban areas where the use of large vehicles is impractical or restricted. It is the ability to quickly break the vehicle down into smaller units and transfer the loaded bodies between truck and trailer or onto out based local distribution vehicles which make the system particularly effective when delivering to small retail outlets and domestic customers.
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