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Bonded body.
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Bonded body with nearside door.
Bonded body with side access.

Commercial vehicle bodybuilding manufacturing techniques have come a long way in a very short time, so it is not surprising that the appearance and versatility of bodies installed onto the 3500kg GVW range of chassis has changed beyond all recognition.  The idea of dropping a square box onto a chassis and expecting it to be all things to all men is a thing of the past to the enlightened operator who believes in getting the best from his equipment and driver alike, whilst presenting a professional image which is enhanced by the appropriate choice of delivery vehicle.

With more and more small consignment doorstep deliveries in busy urban areas it is often critical to the efficiency of the operation that the driver has the facility to enter and exit the body quickly, hence having a side access facility in a box van that would be more commonly associated with a panel van can provide significant benefits, as the driver is working directly off the curb and no longer looking for quite such a large parking space, swinging doors into the path of passing traffic, which in turn reduces the risk of personal injury.

The use of lightweight composite panels further enhances the appeal of this type of body as we are not just providing the most efficient shape for the interior and a sensible working height, we are also able to tailor every dimension to suit the application and provide a superior payload potential, but critically for some operators the construction can be fully bonded, so eliminating any joints where debris might collect and presenting the ideal finish in situations where the interior of the body may require cleaning out.

As with any type of bodywork the interior is just as important as the exterior, hence there is a multitude of different options available to restrain the load whether it is fine and delicate or heavy and forgiving, so it is well worth discussing your preferred options to ensure that your loads get to their destination undamaged.

The bespoke body is not something for the future, it is with us now and it could help you and your business.

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