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Abel Systems have a long history in the manufacture of drawbar trailers, both for demountable applications which is what their name is synonymous with and to accept fixed bodywork. There are three main categories of trailer, those being centre axle, steering axle and demountable, all of which have a part to play in many distribution solutions.

All of these trailer types have unique advantages depending on the application, so it is important to identify the operational constraints as these will ultimately determine the most suitable choice of trailer type. From there a build specification for the trailer can be compiled, which in itself requires careful consideration as there are just as many issues to think about as there are when specifying the truck bodywork, plus a few extra just to keep things interesting!

For the uninitiated drawbar trailers can seem fraught with problems, but in reality most of these are perceived rather than actual, purely due to their operation being unfamiliar. At Abel Systems are there is a vast depth of knowledge available to tap into and it is the ability to recognise potential pitfalls and make the appropriate recommendations that will ensure the success of any drawbar project.

In addition there are always requirements for bespoke semi-trailers, whether these be small compact ‘urban’ trailers or unique builds to accept specialist bodies and equipment.

Trailer manufacture is becoming more regulated with ‘Whole vehicle type approval’ for trailers becoming effective in October of 2012 and 2013 depending on the category, therefore choice of supplier will become ever more important particularly for the specialist user who requires something just that bit different or where the production process will necessitate a multistage build process. Again Abel Systems can help smooth the way in that situation.

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