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Bodywork interiors

The interior of every vehicle body can be as unique as the interior of the houses in your street.  Everyone has their own idea as to the most appropriate solution to meet their needs, whether that is lining, load restraint, lighting, partitioning, access doors, mechanical handling equipment and much more.

The specification of load restraint and the ability to contain the load is paramount to every operator. Depending on the application for which the vehicle is being specified this will mean vastly different things of every customer.

The dry freight box van would at first glance appear to be the simplest of vehicles to equip, however this is far from the truth as it is likely to be the most complex in many instances. 

A box is a box is a box!  Not true.  For someone carrying a well packaged regular sized load the interior fitment is most likely quite simple with a kick strip around the bottom, a couple of rows of load restraint track and a few loading bars, but for others the investment and research that goes into load restraint can be staggering.  Imagine the requirements to ensure that a Ł50 million piece of fine art reaches its destination without the slightest indication that it has ever been moved. 

Curtainside bodies and platforms tend to be less highly specified; however load restraint is still critical, so the most appropriate solution must not be taken for granted.

Abel Systems take the holistic approach when specifying a vehicle body, because failure to consider every aspect can lead to critical elements being overlooked and the customer being disappointed with the result.


Bodywork interiors


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