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In many respects a curtainside body is the most versatile of method of enclosing a load available. Given the appropriate load restraint system within the body it can become all things to most, but not all men!

Abel Systems manufacture curtainside bodies to cater for most applications you can think of, but ultimately it is a container with side access to ensure the contents arrive at their destination in a dry condition with no damage. To achieve these aims the bodywork must be designed to not just contain the load, but to resist the forces of wind pressure whist traveling and the efforts of mechanical handling equipment to destroy it when being loaded. To meet these challenges the bodywork will include a substantial superstructure and house curtains which also impart significant loads into the bodywork.

But one of the most important aspects of any curtainside body specification is also the one most neglected and often given the least amount of thought, that being the load restraint system.

It is the duty of the operator to ensure that suitable and adequate load restraint is provided to restrain the goods within the body. It is therefore important to review the application and to determine what type of load restrain and quantity is required within the load area. Rave to rave load straps are by far the most common pieces of equipment issued to a driver, but beyond that some operators may include hanging straps, but little else. Other companies are far more diligent, providing a variety of load restraint systems to suit different loads and situations, thus ensuring that the truck, driver and load all arrive at their destination in good condition.

Again, as with any bespoke product it is our job to listen to the customer and where necessary ask thought provoking questions to determine the most appropriate specification, rather than make assumptions.






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