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Air suspension conversions

Why is air suspension retrospectively fitted?

The retrospective installation of air suspension is normally done for one of three reasons, either to convert a mechanically suspended chassis when air suspension is not available from the manufacturer as a standard on line option, to change the specification of a ‘stock’ chassis manufactured with mechanical suspension or as part of a third axle conversion.

The main reasons for requiring air suspension are:-

  • To lower the ride height to the top of the chassis.
  • The ability to maintain a given ride height to the top of the chassis in various load conditions.
  • To provide a smooth ride for delicate loads.
  • To gain the ability to raise or lower the chassis frame height in a given situation, e.g. when loading or unloading, to increase ground clearance when operating in adverse conditions or as the lifting medium when used as part of a demountable operation.
  • To lift the tyres of a leading or trailing axle clear of the ground.

Air suspension conversions

air suspension

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