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Abel Twin

The Abel Systems ‘Twin’ is the product that has had the biggest impact on the demountable ‘Straight Lift’ market in the UK and is by far the most common system on our roads today.  Originally designed at a time when air suspended trucks where a rarity, the system has been developed to keep pace with truck technology and as such can be used with chassis’ equipped with different suspension types.

The lifting medium is provided by the trucks own air system which supplies stored energy to inflate convoluted air springs mounted to steel fabricated ‘lifting doors’ located to the front and rear, or as dictated by the chassis suspension capabilities and the operational requirements of the system as a whole.

Every Abel ‘Twin’ utilises four simple operation twist locks for body security and has an arrangement of two diagonally opposed location cones which centralise the body onto the twistlocks during the mounting sequence, at which time they enter tapered location dishes set into the underside of the baseframe.

Traditionally the body baseframe is flat bottomed to give clear access and is fitted with four easy operation folding support legs which project out from the bodywork when deployed, again giving clear access for the chassis.  Various side rave sections are available depending on the style of bodywork to be accommodated, however this does not restrict the types of body that can be used on the same operation, but actually increases flexibility.

Unlike many other demountable systems the Abel ‘Twin’ is available with a greater choice of payload capacities, which can maximise payload for a given weight range of trucks buy reducing the unladen weight of the equipment.

As you would expect, the system can be integrated into complex distribution solutions and equipped with the usual range of mechanical handling equipment.

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Abel Twin

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