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Contact system

A ‘Contact System’ is often considered to be the most cost effective system available and works on the principle of raising the body at the rear, deploying the rear support legs, lowering the chassis and then driving the chassis forward as rollers on the body travel along a track until the front of the body is over the rear axle, at which time the front legs are deployed.

Lifting of the body is achieved by using a hydraulic lifting assembly to push the body up or the trucks own air suspension. The chassis specification will dictate if a hydraulic lifting system is required to gain the demounting clearance required.
When picking up the body, rollers and permanent alignment guides are provided to assist the driver position the body accurately on the chassis.

The demountable body is retained on the chassis using two twistlocks at the rear and fixed locations at the front.

The list of benefits to be gained from operating a demountable system is as long and varied as it is simple and complex:

  • The pre-loading of goods, whilst the truck is away delivering.
  • The best use of driver skills, delivering goods.
  • Avoiding loading during unsocial hours at premium wage rates.
  • A reduction in energy costs by restricting loading hours.
  • Less pressure on the driver to finish early for loading at the warehouse.
  • The reduction in vehicle numbers due to better utilisation.
  • Less rushed loading, hence potentially less damage and mistakes.
  • The demountable body becomes an extension of the warehouse.
  • Use of demountable body as a ‘stockless’ depot for out-based final distribution vehicles.
  • Reduction or elimination of expensive satellite warehousing and associated labour costs.
  • The ability to trunk high volumes to smaller final distribution vehicles for delivery without trans-shipping the goods.
  • Use of small final distribution vehicles in urban areas.
  • Split loads for different out based destinations.
  • Dual purpose drawbar prime mover trunking at night and delivering during the day.
  • High volume long distance trunking to remote areas using a drawbar as self-serving second load provider for distribution by the prime mover.
  • Having different body types for specific applications.
  • Body damage can be repaired without taking the chassis out of service.
  • Easier access for vehicle maintenance.

Contact system

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