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The origins of the company date from 1957, when people from distribution co-joined to put into practice what they knew and what was required from pieces of equipment that could perform a revolutionary solution to transport needs, and sustain that need.

Empirically they were able to take a view of Distribution and decide that the main ingredients were simplicity and reliability coupled with a system that was slick and easy to use. This especially when put to the mercies of day and night transport operation. The prototype of the straight lift system started to shape up, which was late to result in the outstandingly successful Abel products that are known today.

In 1965 Abel was formed and names Abel Reeve Manufacturing Ltd on its present site at Tupton. The years 1966 to 1970 saw the introduction of workable twistlocks for securing demountable bodies, Intermodal road/rail compatibility, two-up and three-up body trunking on semi-trailers. Standard locking and locating centres became the norm in 1970 allowing complete inter-changeability of the bodies by way of symmetrical centring. This meant that bodies could be picked up from either end.

In the early 1970’s the original partnership was dissolved and during the next ten years Abel released into the market place lightweight 3.5 tonne Airlite, 7.5 tonne demountables, four-up trunking on drawbar applications, and trailer pull through for rapid transfer of multi body systems became a ‘dream come true’

Drawbar applications increased in popularity in the 1980’s with one x 16’0 on a prime mover and two x 16’0 bodies on a turntable drawbar, followed by the 1 + 1 Centre axle drawbar schemes in 1983.

The Abel design became the basis for the British Standard BSAU181.

During the early 1980’s Abel was taken over by the then United Parcels, now Geodis United Carriers Group. Later York Trailers Ltd formed part of United Parcels Group and it followed that Abel became an important member of the York Transport Engineering Company. Within three years parentage changed once more, with the York group being taken over by Bunzl forming part of the Bunzl Transportation.

In 1988 a management team formed from key people within the York structure (including Abel) secured a buy-out from Bunzl.

Abel’s products improved with developments of the Multibox system, Tanker and Municipal projects and the Groundhog equipment.The standard Abel pneumatic lift system and base frame assembly rose in popularity with big fleet operators and the Abeltwin leg became an industry leader in it’s own right.The Abel group absorbed a bodybuilding division formulating the ‘One Stop Package’ which Abel recognised as a niche in the marketplace. Drawbar trailer manufacturing commenced in 1990 and Abel were building a high percentage of all drawbar trailer orders taken by the York Group of companies.In 1991 the York Group went into receivership and within a very short period Abel were purchased by the W H Davis group. From this union the group acquired a larger range of equipment to offer, diverse in some ways yet allied to its overall nature, where there exists a subtle connection - Intermodal Transportation.

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